A Stupid Question

Slow news day for CBS, I guess. They have a flaming headline about the Obama administration’s plan to have Medicare cover the cost of testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

‘U.S. may pay for sex disease tests for elderly: Should taxpayers pony up?’

(CBS) If granny gets gonorrhea or gramps gets sick with syphilis, who should foot the bill to test them?

Taxpayers should pay. At least that’s what federal health authorities seem to think.

Read the rest of the story here.
It’s nearly content-free.

I guess this question needs to be answered, so here’s my expert opinion. Duh.

You want someone who suspects they have an infectuous disease not to get tested? That’s going to save money? Like when they show up in the ER with a raging pelvic inflammation or neurosyphillis? After exposing gods know how many other people?

I’m just surprised that these tests weren’t always covered. Most STD’s are easy to diagnose and treat. Counseling for prevention is part of the standard of care.

Well, I guess it’s a slow day at CBS. Or else they are trolling the news for something scandalous to attach to health care reform. Is Obama leading the nation’s elders into temptation? Will everyone just behave if they fear they’ll go blind and insane before the Alzheimers and macular degeration (covered by Medicare) gets them? Should we stop testing and treating younger people so they will be moral too?

Reuters covers the same story, minus the smirks, here.