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Happy Imbolc!

Punxatawney Phil predicts an early Spring. I’m chipping ice off my steps, but the steady drizzle that freezes on impact makes it an exercise in futility. Still, less futile than the stationary bike at the gym.

Hook that bike up to a generator and I’ll peddle faster. Ten hours of daylight, friends. Hang in there.

Live at the Liberty

Judy, concierge and cook extraordinaire, may be the star chef tomorrow. Today the word is that there is a run on chocolate chip muffins.

The inch of snow we were promised looks like about three and fluffy on the sidewalks, slushy on the roads. Coming north up Elmwood it looked like the Providence side had 2 lanes plowed vs 1 lane in Warwick, but it’s messy and slow all over.

Parking? Fuggedaboutit. I saw a man riding his bike in the unplowed lane. The sidewalks were buried a week ago. It would be nice to have a snow day once in a while, but too much of a good thing… Back to work, or no check.

Shot a Coyote

With a camera, that is. Mary Grady at One New Thing Every Day was following some tracks in the wilds of Pawtuxet and came face to face with the wild dog. She thinks the pix came out fuzzy but I think it came out very good. You can see it here.

Shovel that Sidewalk

ProJo.com has an article about the snow-covered sidewalks. You can be ticketed for not clearing the sidewalk in front of your property.

Most of the people on my street do the right thing, but then you come to a wall of snow where someone didn’t, and you have to walk in the street. Or drive very slow because lots of people are walking in the street.

I hope we make it to thaw without someone getting hurt, it’s a mess right now. The plowing went okay on the main streets, the side streets are passable but snow-covered. Bus shelters are unusable, I keep seeing people standing at crosswalks and realizing they are waiting for the bus.

Take care, it’s supposed to warm up a little by Wednesday.


It’s Saturday, ‘snow is falling, snow on snow, snow on snow on snow.’

Check out this eerie and beautiful post from MonkeyMindOnline, on things more present when they are vanished.

It’s off to work today, I’m going to drive slow.

Black and White World

New Year's Eve Snowstorm, Hope Street

The snow came down so fast, I went into a house hardly noticing the few flakes, and when I got out the roads were white.

From Cranston St. to Hope St. I saw two fender benders and what looked like a bus and trolley collision. I prayed all the way home  that I wouldn’t slide into a parked car or run out of gas, and my prayer was answered.

The snow turned everything into  a pen and ink sketch, with splashes of color in the traffic and neon lights.

Happy New Year, and drive slow.

Christmas Eve Eve

Michael Winship of Common Dreams thinks there used to be more snow. What do you think?


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