That’s Un-American!

Via Democratic Underground, news that the City of Paris might ban SUV’s.

Denis Baupin, a Parisian environmental official, told RTL radio anyone who had an SUV should “sell it and buy a vehicle that’s compatible with city life. I’m sorry, but having a sport utility vehicle in a city makes no sense.”

Next they’ll be banning Hummers from Tokyo. Follow the link here for a story about a Japanese guy named Dick. At least he’s been called that…

TOKYO — When Sadayoshi Ishi drives his Hummer, he takes precautions. He has installed a navigation system that shows wide-open streets in green and more dangerous narrow streets in pink on a computerized map inside the truck. Periscopelike monitors on each side-view mirror alert him to obstacles.

Mr. Ishi isn’t dodging land mines in a desert war zone. The 48-year-old Japanese cartoonist is trying to navigate Tokyo’s urban jungle of streets too narrow for his 7-foot-wide vehicle. “I broke out in a sweat every time I drove it,” says Mr. Ishi. He now drives his Hummer just once a week — to golf games — on a predetermined route.

He should drive the Hummer on the course, that would really impress people. Mr. Ishi is hoping for a disaster so he can use all the features to rescue people. If Godzilla strikes, he’s ready.

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