Sarah Palin– Secret Democrat?

Grab the popcorn! Sarah Palin wants the show to go on…

Firebrand Sarah Palin told conservatives Saturday not to settle quickly on a Republican presidential nominee, but to let the candidates fight it out longer on the campaign trail.

Palin, in a speech at a three-day conference of conservatives, urged Republicans to ignore those who insist “we have to name our nominee right now. Wrap it up. No debate for you. Cut it off.”

“As if competition weakens our nominee. In America, we believe competition strengthens us. Competition elevates our game,” she said. “Competition will lead us to victory in 2012. I believe that the competition has to keep going.”

A few more weeks of Romney, Santorum and Gingrich hating each other only a little less than they all hate Barack Obama. I wish I could say that Ron Paul has stayed out of the mud, but he made about a million bucks palling around with white supremacists.

As much as he says he’s not with them, they continue to follow his campaign like they expect to take America back. Back to where, we well know. That’s why I worry more about Paul as a wild card than anyone else in this sad bunch.

I don’t think even Sarah Palin in her most grandiose dreams expects to be called as a running mate. She does know that her speaking fee will go down when the Tea gets cold.

I thought long and hard about what would be good for our country, and wished that Jon Huntsman had been able to stay in longer. No one else seems to have the nerve to stand up to their own ‘birthers’ and ‘Government, keep your hands off my Medicare’ crowd. All this disorganization helps the Democrats for the moment.

As far as Sarah Palin, her loyalty is to a party of one.

I, The People

Salon’s David Sirota gives the Tea Party credit where it’s due…

“I Want My Country Back” — this ubiquitous Tea Party mantra belongs next to Nike’s “Just Do It” on Ad Age’s list of the most transcendent idioms. In just five words, it perfectly captures the era’s conservative backlash. Take a moment to ponder the slogan’s phrase-by-phrase etymology:

The whole article is here, it’s short and sweet.

Conservative activists have made brilliant use of such slogans as ‘family values’ and ‘faith’. We are supposed to assume that the families are just like ours, or maybe even better, and the faith is Christian, or Judeochristian, not Hindu or Jehovah’s Witness or something minority.

‘I want my country back’ is not as provocative as some of the signs I saw from opponents of health reform. ‘B.O. stinks’, ‘Obama Lies, Grandma Dies’, Obama as the Joker, Obama as Hitler– that’s in Warwick, RI, at the Health Care Town Hall. Who took the country? The majority of voters who elected our president and congress?

Unless you are Narragansett, you’d better ask who can claim that un-named parties took away ‘my country’. And ask what happened to ‘We, the People’.

Vote Now!

Having had a night to sleep on it, I’ve decided that Rhode Island needs an authentic political voice. We have too much yapping from big national parties, (no offense, Dems and Repubs), Green is okay, but right now I’ve got the blues, the Moderate party doesn’t excite passion and the Tea Party– pushing a Chinese drink that only Bostonian elites sip in thin porcelain cups, is too Foxy for me.

So which will it be? Frozen Lemonade to make the best of the lemons the economy has thrown at Rhode Island, or Coffee Milk to get us caffeinated but yet calm and sweet?

Vote Today– and don’t hesitate to suggest a candidate. I’d do it, but I’d never survive the glare of national publicity. Any volunteers?

Get a Job

The San Bernardino Sun reports that Tea Partiers are planning a national strike.

Am I wrong to be amused that the same people who hollered at me, ‘get a job’ are planning to use a sick day? Actually, an informal scan of the demographic gave me the impression that many of them are retirees.

I have two jobs, so I guess I cancel out one non-working Tea Party member. Maybe we progressives can offer to come out and temp for the vital work that will be left undone when the vast legions of anti-reform people attempt to shut down the nation for the day.

Shout Down Agenda

This video is funny, but maybe it’s more scary. Two clips of reporters at the Values Voters Summit being confronted and interrupted as they report live. MSNBC and Fox reporters both were prevented from doing what they were invited to do.

It reminds me of the large, noisy group that sat in the center of Warwick Town Hall and tried to drown out questioners, even the questioners who were coming from the conservative point of view. These people had really absorbed the concept of stopping discussion, but apparently not much else.

So what is so threatening about the rest of the country seeing what the Values Voters endorse? This was an event with press invited. What else is going on?