Harassment in the Workplace

Just a random post on the one week anniversary of Katie Roiphe’s NYT essay on sexual harassment. Thank you, Katie, I got more hits refuting you than on any single thing I’ve ever written. Send me more.

I want to take a stand in defense of good humor and fun at work. It’s great to be part of a crew when you’re all pulling in the same direction. Letting bullies pick on a few people who are low on the totem pole is divisive and not fun.

A friend told me about her office and what they did to a guy I’ll call Bob. When Bob went on vacation, his co-workers taped down his stapler and everything else on his desk with double-stick, even the pens. The next time Bob went on vacation they made little paper rings, so all his office supplies appeared to be levitating.

This is creative. If you must harass, avoid cliches and think up something original.