Religion and Politics

A quick post– no time to write today.

I don’t believe that there are no coincidences, but I do believe that politicians don’t pull out unusual turns of speech randomly. If they didn’t choose their words carefully they wouldn’t get the votes. Everything they do or say in public life either has an agenda or is consistent with who they are.

I attended Apponaug Pentecostal Church in the 1970’s, and absorbed the teachings for three years. This article from Huffington Post might seem like an extreme take, but it’s consistent with what I heard preached and how they connected with preachers and evangelists nationally and internationally in the mission fields.

Sarah Palin’s Jewish Problem.

She is just one of the more visible and ambitious politicians with an End-Times following.

We are free to believe as our conscience dictates. But it’s one thing to believe in prophecy as a citizen, and another when you have the power to help events along.

Don’t look for politicians to come clean about their real beliefs and their supporters. We are so divided right now that it’s hard to blame them for being cagy. Whatever they say, some constituency will accuse them of singing from the wrong hymnal. But don’t discount religion as a motivation, and thank the gods for a free press.