A Lot to be Grateful For

Thank you to all the kind readers who sent your thoughts and support. It is good to have so many friends.

My Dad came home from the hospital yesterday, and we’ll stay close to keep him safe. He’s getting home care– not from me, but from a nurse who will be able to keep his or her cool and objectivity. When it’s my own family I lose most of my brain cells.

He could have gone to a nursing home for physical therapy, but people with memory problems really suffer when they are out of their familiar surroundings, so we’ll try to adapt the house for fall prevention. Warwick Pilgrim Senior Center lent us a walker– very kind, since it takes a while for Medicare to cover one and we don’t know for certain what he will need or use. I’ll be on the phone Monday to see how long it will take to get the VA to cover his new prescriptions– those pills are a bite.

It worries me that he’s on so much medication. Everything’s a guessing game, and this is two cardiologist’s best guess. We just take it one day at a time.