What’s This?

Elmgrove Ave. January 16, 2010

Something is starting to come to life on a sunny day in January. It looks a little like pussy willows, but it’s a tree. Is it dogwood?

I’ve been seeing robins all along. They’re the tough urban robins that don’t go south. They just carry little flasks of brandy and hang out near clothes dryer vents and on top of street lights. Or maybe they steal that pink insulation from construction sites and build themselves fortified nests.

November Roses

Hope St. November 29

Brook St. November 28

We’re less than a month away from the start of Winter and it’s been mild so far. I don’t know if we always had November roses or I’m just noticing them now. It was a good year for leaves, a bit cooler than average in temperature according to the weather charts but we got off easy this month.

I love you, Canada, but you can keep those Arctic cold fronts to yourself.

UPDATE: The Arctic is showing the effects of climate change in thinning sea ice.