Why Nurses Support the Affordable Care Act

Known by its opponents as ‘Obamacare’ because the very words, ‘affordable care’ would explain why it is urgently needed.

I’m on an email list for medical professionals, just got this call to support affordable care. This is pretty much in sync with what we see and hear every day. Healthcare for private profit wastes resources and fails the public.

The House of Representatives has voted to repeal the ACA and the already compromised funding necessary to administer it remains in jeopardy. In short, the obstacles appear to be expanding. Given this situation, it would appear easier to just give up and not push Congressional Representatives to continue the fight against this onslaught. However, with the need so great, and with so much effort having been put forth by so many people, it would be a shame to give up now. Nurses need to continue to educate themselves about the ACA and the issues it is designed to address. It is my hope that by reviewing some of the legislation’s key areas for change that it will re-energize and reinforce the idea that as the battle rages on for reform, nurses must be involved to help sustain the positive momentum sparked by this new legislation.

And here’s a doctor on the subject…

As a practicing physician, I see investments in prevention and public health quite differently. Engaging in preventive care in my primary care practice allows for the early detection of disease, which eases the treatment of so many illnesses. Obtaining a mammogram, considered preventive care, allows for the early detection of breast cancers. Catching a breast cancer at its earliest stage allows for a cure, whereas detecting breast cancer at a late stage often means engaging in chemotherapy and radiation in an effort to extend survival without hope for a cure.

But we are not just talking about funding prevention at the individual level. We need to shift the focus of our health care system from one that only treats disease, to a more sensible system that prevents disease and encourages wellness.

Another world is possible, where the public good is valued by enough Americans to influence our vote, and our representatives.