Why Vaccines Matter

Whooping cough is on the rise in Texas…

If kids are getting the shot, then why is whooping cough making a deadly resurgence in Texas, as well as in other parts of the country. In all of 2011, there were 961 reported cases statewide. Through April of this year, though, there have been 424 cases, including one that resulted in the death of a Dallas child.

Well, apparently many kids aren’t getting the shot. With all the hysteria surrounding vaccinations, more and more parents are “opting out” of vaccines for their kids. Twenty-one states, including Texas, allow parents to “opt out” for personal or philosophical beliefs and twenty-seven states and the District of Columbia allow opting out for religious reasons. When kids don’t get the shot, they are rolling the dice. Hence, the increase in reported cases of whooping cough.

I think people should read more 19th Century literature, like Louisa May Alcott where the cute teenage cousin gets measles and ends up visually impaired– wearing dark glasses before they were fashionable. I worship Mother Nature, but she can be a real b–ch sometimes.