A Better Budget for Rhode Island

The Emergency Campaign for Rhode Island’s Priorities is starting a new email action to contact legislators and communicate with them about what a better budget for Rhode Island would look like. You can view the Campaign’s plan for a better budget here.

Today’s Call

Senator Stephen D. Alves


The Message:

“Please pass the “Better Budget” for Rhode Island!â€?

Please tell him:

I urge you to do all you can to pass the Better Budget for Rhode Island, which keeps our state’s infrastructure strong and protects our children, elders, working families and people with disabilities.

I called, and last week I also went to the State House on Tuesday and spoke directly to three members of the House, expressing my concerns about many of the Governor’s proposed cuts. Two cuts that particularly concern me are the plans to cut 6,800 low-wage working adults and 3,000 immigrant children from RIte Care. There is a moral imperative to do what we can to help people of limited means access health care, but there is also the financial imperative. RIte Care has provisions for preventative care, which can reduce costs by keeping people out of emergency rooms and eliminating the need for more costly treatment.

If you would like more information or would like to be added to the email list for the daily actions from The Campaign for Rhode Island’s Priorities, call 463-5368 or visit www.prioritiesri.org. They are also having a meeting tomorrow, June 6, at 9:30 am, at 99 Bald Hill Road, Cranston.

3 thoughts on “A Better Budget for Rhode Island

  1. Thank you for this important information. The legislature will be voting on this potentially devastating budget in a few short weeks, so the time is now to get involved!

  2. Kiersten,

    Are you entirely comfortable with the education cuts in this proposed budget? If a little bit of welfare reform could save the education programs, wouldn’t that be preferrable?

    p.s. I tried tracking back from my Anchor Rising post on the subject, but it didn’t take.

  3. Andrew, To be honest, I am not comfortable with the education cuts in the “better budget,” but prioritizing to me means first doing what is necessary for people’s basic human needs to be met. I put health care in the category of basic human needs.

    On the technical issue, right click on the spot where it says “trackback” on the page you want to trackback to – then put the “Properties” line in your trackback window on your blog posting page. This will make it so that your trackback will appear in the left-hand column of Kmareka — free advertising (o:

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