Supporting the Alternatives for Iraq

Contrary to what the President and other conservatives would have you believe, those who favor a withdrawal of American forces from Iraq do have alternative plans for how to achieve stability. The Iraq Study group provided its recommendations, which include no increase in troops and more efforts at stabilizing the region overall. The full report from the Iraq Study Group is available here. The Center for American Progress also provides a plan for moving forward responsibly in Iraq. Also, Senator Joe Biden has established a plan in conjunction with Leslie Gelb, which calls for creating a sustainable political settlement among the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites, including dividing up the region and dividing the oil so that all the sects have access to a certain amount. The US would remain involved in the reconstruction effort but would call on allies in the Mideast to do their part to ensure stability among the sects of Iraqi people. The Biden-Gelb plan is being praised by voices as diverse as Bill O’Reilly, Bill Richardson, and Henry Kissinger.

Today I am meeting with Senator Jack Reed and hope to discuss some of the alternative plans to addressing the Iraq situation. I encourage people to read about these plans and to consider endorsing the Biden plan as a way to let Congress know that Americans are not “surrender monkeys.” We are people who care about our country and about Iraq, and we want to find a way to move forward that will avert further death, trauma, and loss for everyone.