Call-In Campaign for a Better Budget

Tomorrow, the Campaign for Rhode Island’s Priorities is doing a call-in campaign so that people can express their concerns about the proposed budget cuts in Rhode Island, which are outlined in this pdf document:

• Thousands of moderate and low-income workers will lose the child care support they need to stay on the job;
• 857 teens in DCYF care will lose the promise of stable families, education and even for some housing;
• Cut lead-poisoning and STD screenings in our health centers and schools; families or clinics would have to pay out of pocket for many of the over 22,000 yearly lead screenings done at community health centers
• Hundreds of state employee jobs will be cut and hundreds more will be privatized, limiting public accountability and compromising the public service that these workers provide;
• And, a $7 million plus hole in the RIPTA budget is simply ignored, making way for service cuts and rate hikes in public transportation.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s instructions on how to participate in the campaign.

One thought on “Call-In Campaign for a Better Budget

  1. I’ll call. Investing in children’s health and public transportation so people can get to work is not altruism, it’s smart management. I remember the governor’s campaign promise to do a ‘Big Audit’. Maybe he’s planning to have a going out of business sale for the state of Rhode Island.

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