Call Senator Alves to Protect Public Health

From the Campaign for Rhode Island’s Priorities:

Call in today to protect public health!
Campaign for Rhode Island’s Priorities toll-free call-in hotline:

Today, a Senate Finance Subcommittee will hold its first hearing on the budget for the Department of Health.

Public health screenings catch disabling problems early, lead inspections identify poisonous hazards, and home care services help the very ill implement life-saving treatments in their own homes. And yet the budget proposed by Gov. Carcieri would:

-Cut lead-poisoning and STD screenings in our health centers and schools;
-Diminish lead inspections to homes of lead-poisoned children
-Reduce funding for in-home care for people living with HIV/AIDS that help patients maintain the complex drug treatments that keep them alive;
-Cut funding to tobacco control and other drug prevention and treatment programs that help Rhode Islanders avoid or overcome life-threatening addictions.

Call Senate Finance Chair Stephen Alves through our hotline today!
Dial 1-800-769-9219
After you hear the recorded message, dial “0” to reach the Senate Finance Committee.

Leave Sen. Alves this message:
Investing in the people of Rhode Island deserves long- term planning, not short-term fixes. Cutting programs in the Department of Health budget that help protect the everyone’s health not the answer. Support changes that will fix the state’s sagging revenues for the well-being of all.