Study Shows New Cure for Anxiety, Depression

This gave me a good laugh. From the Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research:

Therapeutic Efficacy of Cash in the Treatment of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

…This report discusses two cases in which complete symptomatic relief was achieved following the administration of large sums of money to the patients. The comparative safety, efficacy, and tolerability of cash is assessed. Based on our findings, the clinical utility of monetary incentives in the form of cash deposits or lump sum payments directly to patients should be reappraised as a viable alternative therapeutic modality for the treatment of mild, moderate or severe cases of anxiety with or without co-occurring
depression… [full text]

The cases are even funnier than this lead-in, and include some very scientific pictures of the findings.

2 thoughts on “Study Shows New Cure for Anxiety, Depression

  1. I’m glad to see that an easy cure for depression and anxiety has been found, what a medical breakthrough;)

    There was a documentary (a legit one) on PBS last night, but I haven’t seen it yet about depression. We recorded it and I’m looking forward to watching it because it sounded very interesting.

    Did you see it?

  2. I didn’t see it, but if you watch it and it’s any good, I’d be interested in knowing. I’ll try to catch it when it comes on again.

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