Let’s All Hate Those Gold-Plated Insurance Hogs

Ninjanurse cues into the health questions in the debates, and she favors a single-payer plan, like Congress, Veterans and Medicare recipients. Far from perfect, but when you see people every day who have no access to health care it gives you a perspective.

Last night hearing Senator McCain once again sneer at the only people he says won’t benefit from his health plan — the ones with the ‘gold-plated insurance plans that cover plastic surgery and transplants’ I wonder who those people are.

I think he is inventing a new elite group to hate on.

Does Senator McCain think that people get organ transplants for fun? I’ve had patients who were on Medicaid who were kidney transplant recipients. The sad thing is that many people who end up needing a transplant could have saved their own kidneys if they had good preventive care. Diabetes and the effects of medication are two causes of kidney failure. A vigilant primary care practitioner and an informed patient could avoid a great deal of suffering and expense.

As I pointed out in Cadillac Ambulance, the people who are collecting huge bucks for healthcare are Sick. That is why they are spending so much on Doctors, and going to Hospitals. It would be a good investment in the future to spend more money today to help people stay Healthy.

I can’t count the people in my life who are here because they got expensive, hi-tech medical care when they needed it. I am one of them. These are working, tax-paying people who would have died if they were subjected to the financial triage we are practicing on some of our citizens. It’s very costly to carry a pregnancy to term, to raise a child, to educate a citizen, to train a worker. We really can’t afford to throw people away. But that is what we’re doing.

Senator Obama’s health care plan doesn’t go far enough, but he understands that handing out a tax credit and throwing it out to the free market doesn’t work with health care. And Senator McCain’s imaginary gold-plated insurance hogs are an elite group that doesn’t exist. This is Reagan-style argument by anecdote, and more far-fetched than Reagan would have tried to get away with.


2 thoughts on “Let’s All Hate Those Gold-Plated Insurance Hogs

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  2. I just saw a post that said Sen. McCain was dissing health care plans that cover hair transplants! he just said ‘transplants’ so it never crossed my mind. so now i’m even more unclear about what he meant. i never heard of a health insurance plan that covers cosmetic surgery and hair transplants. does anyone out there know of one? does anyone have a plan like that? do they cover lipo and manicures? how about tatoos?

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