Ringers Part 2–Say it Ain’t So, Joe

And now it turns out that Joe the Plumber isn’t actually a plumber? And he didn’t pay taxes, even under the glorious Republican leadership of George Bush? And he’s a registered Republican and supporter of John McCain? At least that’s what AP says. But AP is suspect ever since they pressured Sarah Palin to speak when she just wanted to pose for pictures at the UN.

What’s worse, the The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry officially endorsed Barack Obama. Their membership is made up of people who do have a plumbing license, and I guess most of them make under a quarter of a million a year. They think Obama’s tax plan is better.

And Joe might not be the perfect example of the average voter. Most of us are grateful that our parents are able to collect social security. Not Joe, he wants to do away with it. That’s pretty radical. I don’t think John McCain will get on board with that, even George Bush found it to be a wildly unpopular idea.

So I wonder if Joe approached Barack Obama in order to provide McCain with some good anecdotal material to use in the debate. I know I’m cynical, but I’ve been hurt a lot in the past eight years.

5 thoughts on “Ringers Part 2–Say it Ain’t So, Joe

  1. Nancy-think about what you said a minute-the Secret Service isn’t about to let ANYONE just “approach” Obama unless it’s in a controlled setting with a shakedown prior to entering the venue that would put TSA to shame.
    They just cannot take chances.
    In 1993 Bill Clinton was in Boston and his motorcade was stopped.He jumped out of his limo about 20 feet from me and plunged into the crowd to shake hands.His security detail was out of their minds.
    I was there on my own business on a day off waiting to cross the street when it occured.So here I was 20 feet from the President with a .357 Magnum service revolver on my hip under my jacket(we were authorized to carry 24/7)and no one even knew I was there.Imagine if it had been a nut or a person bent on doing something.They can’t be too careful.

  2. I agree that they have to be careful, and I hope they are. We both remember all too well those years of asassinations, and the attacks on politicians in the years following.
    But I don’t think the secret service is there to protect politicians from trick questions. Apparently ‘Joe’ asked Sen. Obama a question, and then Sen. McCain brought it up in the debate. Three times I think. And he won’t let it go even after it turns out the guy’s name is Sam, he’s not a licenced plumber, and he’s not buying a business.

  3. Irony is delicious when served white-hot: Why is McCain’s poster boy for “good, hard-working Americans” an unlicensed, tax-dodging divorced parent with a lien on his house because of unpaid medical bills?

    I thought only immigrants do things like that, if you go by McCain’s beliefs.

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