Tears of Happiness

Lots of that today. After work I got Mr. Green to take me to Cav restaurant, which was graciously hosting a community benefit in the spirit of our new president’s call to public service. And I wanted to attend an awesome party to celebrate the inauguration. I am so proud of our country.

This is a peaceful change of paradigm. Let freedom ring. The people have spoken.

The people are the driving engine of power if we will stay engaged. It is up to us. I do believe that good leadership depends on good, smart, skeptical and principled citizens.

After we left Cav we went to church. First Unitarian. In loving community we celebrated our love of country.

When we got home we saw on TV the Obamas were dancing at the neighborhood ball in DC. I heard my next door neighbor’s dog bark, and thought maybe to invite her over. She came and we shared the festivities.

My sister and friend are stuck in Maryland on a bus back to Providence from the Inauguration. These people I love were a pixel on the satellite photo of the Mall, where the crowd was visible from Earth orbit.

God bless us one and all, for one minute, one hour, one day — let us give in to Hope. Our state seal. Remember Roger Williams — a most impractical man who founded a state based on negotiation, ideals, risk, and success.

And let us celebrate a new President who has overcome prejudice. He has shown that the highest office in our great nation can be won by a person who is unashamedly — smart.


2 thoughts on “Tears of Happiness

  1. I am grateful that Barack Obama could acknowledge “nonbelievers” ( maybe next time Pagans, Bahai`i, agnostics…?) along with Christians, Muslims, Hindus & Jews…

    I made a bunch of new friends from New London…

  2. I was also happy that President Obama acknowledged ‘nonbelievers’ in his inaugural address. I would love to see politicians demonstrate that their religion makes them better people rather than using their religion to get votes. And God will probably appreciate fewer of them using His name in vain.

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