It’s a Hat Thing– You Wouldn’t Understand

So my husband is at work and everyone is talking about the inauguration. His job is about 50-50, red voter/blue voter, and in spite of our president’s call to unity they have not yet merged together into a purple lovefest. One guy was saying that his relatives in South Africa are thrilled. Another guy just snarked about Aretha Franklin’s hat.

Aretha Franklin — who has rocked her fair share of amazing headgear over the years — wrapped her head in a crystal studded bow. The $179 hat, customized with Swarovski crystals, came from Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit where Luke Song has been making ladies dress hats for 25 years.

There used to be as many milliner’s shops as there are dress shops today. It once was one of the few respectable occupations open to women, making custom-designed hats for ladies. While you don’t see so many formal hats worn in the North, it’s still popular in the South, especially among African-American ladies. My mother in law had several beautiful hats, kept in big round hat boxes, to match her church suits.

Anyway, men are not usually that attentive to fashion, so I suspect that my husband’s co-worker was borrowing some remark he heard on Fox or Drudge. Drudge wears a hat, but Aretha’s is way more cool. And no one can rock the Mall like the Queen of Soul.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Hat Thing– You Wouldn’t Understand

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  2. I’d rather listen to Aretha sing some of her old songs than think about a hat-especially “I Say a Little Prayer for You”

  3. Get over the hat! It’s a style thing and if you don’t like so what. Aretha can wear what she wants; we just love to hear her beautiful pipes.

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