E-News from Church of the Ascension

I started an interview with the pastor of my church, Fr. Greg Lisby, and then, in the midst of the interview, his laptop (with all his labor-intensive answers to my questions, as well as many of his sermons and many other precious things) was stolen. So we are in the process of re-interviewing.

I drove by the Lutheran church in Frankenmuth, Michigan many times over the past several days (we were visiting family there) and the marquee said, “Pray to God daily — he has answers!” Hopefully he can supply some answers for Greg to make it easy for him to redo the interview — and may God bless that poor soul who stole the laptop. And may the laptop turn up soon at a pawn shop, unerased.

In lieu of a full interview with Fr. Lisby, I am currently providing a small excerpt from the E-News with Church of the Ascension, which highlights Evensong, the performance of the diocesan youth choir at St. Luke’s this Sunday at 5 pm:

Youth Choir Festival Evensong

Please join with children of Church of the Ascension who will be singing in the Diocesan Youth Choir on Sunday, April 26th @ 5PM, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in East Greenwich, RI.

The combined choirs from around the diocese all use the Royal School of Church Music Program that our parish has applied for a grant to start this Fall.

See you there! Also, you may be interested in learning about how to start a music program at your own church. If so:

If you are interested in learning more about this program, you are invited on Saturday, April 25th @ 11AM (St. Luke’s, East Greenwich) to learn more about this exciting program. The national director of the Royal Music program, Dr. Cynthia DeDakis, will present information on how parishes can start this wonderful music program for children in their parishes.

PS. While we await the interview, here is a picture of Fr. Greg with his younger soon-to-be fully adopted daughter, Miriam.



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