Co-ed Makes Good

I’m still learning about Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, but already I’m feeling very proud. We are of an age, which means that she grew up in a time when women were not expected to have brains or power. It’s a validation, and a vindication to see a working-class woman nominated for such a high office.

I was checking out the news blog, and had to comment, because after an article that said Sen. Whitehouse is very happy with this nominee followed comments accusing her of being a radical, a communist, an activist judge.

And a few had the racist cliche–she is there because she’s one of ‘them’. Any person from a minority group who achieves success has to deal with resentful bystanders who claim she is just a ‘token’.

Same tired talk. Well, it serves to rally the base, but when the base rallies around disparaging women and Hispanic Americans it’s going to have a tough time getting a majority. And it would have been strategically better for the Republicans if they had waited for a nominee before threatening to filibuster.

Here’s what I put on

I got really excited reading her bio. A daughter of a poor family whose widowed mother worked six days a week to support them. Graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School, a respected and experienced judge. I remember when women were not supposed to aspire to this kind of responsibility, and there were not qualified and experienced women in the pipeline.
Thirty years later, the co-eds have made good.
Yes, she knows what it’s like to work hard and believe in your goals. What a validation of the American dream. Her perspective will be valuable on the Supreme Court.

Si, se puede.

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