Ascension Receives $11,000 Grant for Children’s Music Program

In the good news department, Church of the Ascension (interview with Rector of Ascension Greg Lisby) in Cranston will be receiving $11,000 from the Episcopal Diocese to start a children’s music program.

This is wonderful news. Speaking personally, it has been a tremendous joy to watch my older daughter develop her musical skills as a member of the St. Cecilia choir at St. Luke’s in East Greenwich. There are 54 choristers in the choir at St. Luke’s and they have done some wonderful singing this year, both in church and in the production of their Cantata, “The Rock Slinger and His Greatest Hit.” The children are also instructed in music theory following the Royal School of Church Music curriculum.

Ascension is hoping to begin a program modeled on the successful program at St. Luke’s. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we invite the community to participate in and benefit from this program. For those parents in Cranston who feel like they want their children to have more education in music than they get in public school, the program starting at Ascension may be the place to come.

On a side note, Church of Ascension has become a Goodsearch charity. Click on this link to start Goodsearching to benefit Church of the Ascension.


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