Cheer Bear v. Laugh-a-Lot Bear

Cheer Bear (Plaintiff) v. Laugh-a-lot Bear (Defendant)

Plaintiff Cheer Bear brings this suit against defendant, Laugh-a-lot-Bear, because plaintiff believes defendant is knowingly and willfulling infringing upon his identity and attempting to usurp key segments of his marketshare by laughing and being persistently merry in a way synonymous with Cheer Bear’s unique cheerful identity.

Plaintiff Cheer Bear further asserts that he is the original bear with purely cheerful attributes. He will provide evidence to establish that approximately one year after Cheer Bear’s successful launch and establishment of a million-dollar marketshare, Laugh-a-lot Bear started competing with this marketshare, driving down gross revenue for Cheer Bear in direct correlation to the increase in marketshare for Laugh-a-lot Bear. Indeed, Cheer Bears with the symbol of rainbows on their bellies are sitting on store shelves, while Laugh-a-Lot Bears, with their arrogant laughing yellow stars, are being sold by the truckload.

Plaintiff Cheer Bear seeks the removal of all Laugh-a-lot Bears and associated products from the market. In addition, Plaintiff seeks to recover $11 million in lost revenue due to Defendant Laugh-a-lot Bear’s interference in the correct course of his full marketing campaign. Furthermore, Plaintiff would like defendant to write a letter of apology to all the little children of the world who thought they were getting a pink bear with a rainbow on its belly, and instead received an orange bear with a sarcastic laughing star.

2 thoughts on “Cheer Bear v. Laugh-a-Lot Bear

  1. I LOVE the story! Quite the the look at our litigious nature. I like the play on the Care Bears and perhaps just the message is to investigate what it is that we most value. Plus it was a great story!

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