Valuing Himself

If the name ‘Levi Johnston’ rings a bell with you, you might be guilty of reading the ‘tabs’ when you’re stuck in line at the supermarket.

Unlike the women in the ‘spas’, he is not risking arrest for selling sex, because it’s ‘Playgirl’ magazine. Rumors are it’s the Full Monty. It’s art. Or literature. Or gender-studies research. Or a political manifesto. Or a triumph of marketing. God bless America. Enjoy your fifteen minutes Levi, eventually you are going to have to get a job.

3 thoughts on “Valuing Himself

  1. I stop in once in a while to see if you’re covering anything of value.

    Nah… see you ’round Saint Valentines Day.

  2. Be that way, Noted Skeptic. You skip right over all the stuff I post about health care, local politics and firsthand reporting and zero right in on Levi Johnston. I know you’re checking out the Enquirer every time you go to the Stop and Shop. An Enquiring mind is a terrible waste.

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