Real and Counterfeit

Traffic is light in the center of Providence today, the Martin Luther King holiday is a chance for people to stay out of the cold drizzle, but I have visits scheduled. First stop, the West End.

The patient’s wife is waiting at the door for me. It’s warm and uncluttered, but the apartment is dominated by a huge TV with Pat Robertson’s face larger than life. Fortunately, the family doesn’t speak English and probably won’t tithe to the 700 Club. Make a note for a good topic for education–avoiding scams.

I have WRNI on the car radio. There’s a story about a Haitian-American church where women are gathered to pray and share what news they have from family on the island. They sing hymns, and a young woman with tears in her voice says that she believes in God’s love and goodness.

Faith that stands through the deepest suffering– that is the real thing. The Prosperity Gospel will not stand against real trouble, and the Pat Robertsons of the world are forgotten when their day is over.

Faith in God’s goodness when everything is taken away. Martin Luther King’s faith in justice, his practice of nonviolence with his life on the line. This is solid gold. This endures. The rest is counterfeit.

MORE AND BETTER: Shark-fu with some inspiring words– God Don’t Like Ugly

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