Patrick Kennedy

Congressman Pat Kennedy has announced he will not run again.

I’ll always believe that he helped prevent Roger Williams Hospital from being bought out by the national chain, Columbia. Columbia was exposed for financial wrongdoing shortly after. He’s stayed in office because he has overall done well by his constituents.

However, it’s a good idea to get another candidate. We have too much advantage to name recognition, and not enough access for good people who don’t have a lot of money or family in politics.

I know this is only stating the obvious. It’s early and I’m on my way to work. Just getting the ball rolling.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Kennedy

  1. Never before did I feel so strongly about praying for our political representatives but since President Obama was elected, I pray for him and his cabinet members and their families. I am praying for Patrick Kennedy. He has never failed to respond to me when I wrote to him with detailed information. I am also praying for Governor Paterson of NY. Our representatives are having to deal with some mean spirited people. Because of them, the country is in trouble and needs prayer too. I pray that the American people will see what they have failed to see and denied in the past, the truth of racial hatred and racism.

  2. It is awful;all that anti-Irish, anti-Catholic sentiment that covers the front pages of all our newspapers!

    Is Marian serious?

    Being totally ineffective, rudderless in a sea of storms, and lacking any semblance of capability, would seem the real set of issues hereas far as Mr. Kennedy was concerned, as well as Mr. Patterson an Mr. Obama.

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