Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

But it’s looking good. It’s been a nasty process, and I think the outcome will be some modest reforms of parts rather than a real reforming of the whole.

It feels like a battle for a principle– that no one in our great and wealthy nation should suffer or die for lack of access to medical care that we call the best in the world. People refuse to believe me when I say that I heard many people declare that it’s acceptable for some to die for lack of care. This is not the best of America. This is not the view that should win.

I’m not yet taking it for granted that the health care bill will pass, but I’m hoping. It’s a very diminished bill, a compromise of a compromise.

I was standing in front of the State House this winter, demonstrating for health care reform and talking with people there. A man told me that he runs a small business, but due to his age and pre-existing conditions cannot buy insurance. He was aware of all the deals made and the flaws in the legislation.

But he said that Medicare was a very weak bill when it first passed, and he hoped that beginning the process would lead to real reform that would make health care available to all Americans.

I’ve stopped biting my nails. I’m starting to hope. I’m thinking about working harder, because the real work is ahead.

One thought on “Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

  1. Yes, I’ve been feeling better about this ever since I started to look at the bill as a start and not a finish. Have you heard about Alan Grayson’s resolution to extend Medicare to everyone? It’s got a snowball’s chance, I’m afraid, but I think he and Kucinich and others on the left are hoping to build upon this initial victory.

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