Summer Solstice

In the Park

Summer is here with bright, blue days. I went to the Farmer’s Market at Lippit Park, saw our beautiful fountain flowing for the first time in living memory, and I checked out a new business, Farmacy Herbs. They did not have what I wanted at their table. I wanted natural licorice as part of my weight loss scheme #527. Hope springs eternal.

And sometimes is rewarded, because I was able to buy licorice at their store on Cemetery Street, along with some nettle tea and catnip. If this works I’ll write a book and make some money. If not, it was cheap and it’s good to have an herb store in the neighborhood. The staff was pleasant, and the owner really does know where all the bodies are buried. Or at least most of them. She’s taken some walks through the historic North Main Street Cemetery.

You can visit the website for Farmacy Herbs here.

The Farmer’s Market is now open two days a week– Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons 3:30-6:30.

Farmacy Herbs

3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. That is a very interesting fountain and a great picture of it. Yet I can’t help but notice it looks somewhat like a urinal.

  2. I wish I had a bit of traveling money. It is so, so hot in Kansas right now. The entire month of June we’ve seen temps about 10 degrees above average, and it’s going to be 100 degrees again today. Eastern Kansas is generally very humid too.

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