Estamos Unidos Con McCain

While idly perusing Wonkette I saw a front page from Arizona senatorial candidate John McCain’s Spanish language website. Que feliz, amigos, I thought, sing Kumbaya. I clicked on the link and there was the English site, headlining border security.

What happened to the famous Spanish site, that was all the rage in 2008? Where is the love this Cinco de Mayo? You can click here to an address called John But it is not en Espanol. I searched Google for that Spanish version, but had no success. Can you find it? Was it deported?

Taking the long view of US history, the reason we don’t have an official language is because with the exception of Native Americans we all arrived from somewhere else. I heard a rumor that Lady Liberty was conceived in France, but she’s All-American to me.

Spring RICLAPP Fundraiser at Twist in Warwick

The Rhode Island Center for Law and Public Policy (of which I am a board member) will be having a fundraiser next week. Details:

Spring Into Action!
Thursday May 6th

Twist Restaurant
336 Bald Hill Road Warwick, RI 02886
5:00 – 7:30 pm
Tickets: $20.00
Tickets Can Be Purchased at the Door
***Bring a Friend and Receive 5 Free Raffle Tickets!***

RICLAPP is doing some exciting things and will be adding an Americorps person to their staff to help coordinate the legal services we provide to the community. Come support this excellent organization as it grows!

Bishop Tobin is Scandalized

By health care reform. I don’t know what to say. I once had a co-worker who, when I asked her about Catholic things that didn’t make sense to me said, ‘It’s a mystery.’

So the Bishop’s sense of scandal is beyond my understanding, especially since anyone who spends any time at all talking to the good workers at St.Joseph Hospital knows that people are desperate for access to health care. Does Bishop Tobin drop by there often?

Anyway, has coverage here.

30 Years On

Teacher Ken from Daily Kos has a post on the 30th anniversary of the American exit from Vietnam.

I can’t call it the end of the war, because the war spread horrifically across Southeast Asia and many Rhode Islanders are here because they are survivors of that atrocity. Other Rhode Islanders were drafted into service and bear scars of body and mind.

There’s no good war. May we find our way to peace.