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The American Prospect’s Blog
The Left Coaster
Thoughts of an Average Woman
Talking Points Memo
Think Progress
Adventures of the Smart Patrol
Unclaimed Territory
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Healthy Policy
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Mojo Blog
Mad Kane
Worst Weather Ever
Mitchell Freedman
The Tao of Politics
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Oliver Willis
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Obsidian Wings

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Cosmic Variance
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RI Law Journal

Good References for Social Workers (list-in-progress)

Furious Seasons
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European Human Rights Centre
Embracing Neverland
Everyone Needs Therapy

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Cranston Style
Closing Arguments
Brian Hull
Amidst the Crowd
Rhode Island’s Twelfth
Cranston 2
Converse It
Not for Nothing (blog by Ian Donnis of The Phoenix)
Off the Beat (podcast and blog)
Marriage Equality RI Blog
Miss PenName
Hard Deadlines
I Dreamed I Saw Grace P. Last Night (Nomi Hurwitz’s blog)

What are Worthy Blogs?

My concept of a worthy blog is one that:
1. Contains meaningful writing, not just propaganda;
2. Uses potty talk sparingly and effectively;
3. Is designed for ease of use;
4. Is not overrun with advertising;
5. Is thoughtful and timely;
6. Is careful in its use of language, showing appreciation for grammar and spelling;
7. Is accepting of diversity;
8. Recognizes and responds to new voices participating in the blog;
9. Contains original writing, along with posts to other people’s writing.

Want your blog listed on this page? Send me an email at and I will be happy to consider your inclusion.