I can haz copyright?

The thorny legalities of all those cute cat videos…

Brett Farrell

pepperfire Melbourne IP Lawyer, Isobelle Fabian (@isobelleclare) watched a LOT of cat videos on the internet to make these points about copyright law in Australia. Isobelle writes:

They’re the archetypal internet time-wasting activity, starting out as deceptively simple entertainment and quickly developing into a full-blown addiction.

Yes, I’m talking about YouTube cat videos.


The internet and YouTube in particular seems to have an endless supply of cute cats doing cute things. Check out here and here and here and…well, you get the picture.

So it’s natural that when someone puts together an ad showing all the cool things you can do with your internet-connected TV/smartphone/microwave/whatever, they often want to put a cat video in there. But surprisingly enough, those adorable kitties hide a whole heap of thorny legal issues.

First off, let’s look at copyright. Videos are subject to copyright, which means that they can’t be reproduced without permission from…

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BEST Lemon-Poppy/Chia Seed Muffins (GF), and Farm Update

Looks yummy — and gluten free!

Cooking Up the Cure

We have three weeks left before out move to the Farm… and the work on the farm house has been in full swing for a month.

All the windows in the main house and barn have been upgraded, the two kid’s bedrooms have been modified and painted, the Master Bath is built and shower installed, kitchen cabinets are sanded and painted, and the outside trim is done. (We won’t paint the exterior until next Spring).

My daughter said I’m going for a candy store look in the kitchen since the walls are going to be a pale mint green.  And you know, after waiting so many years to have a large kitchen I am going to make it as cheery and fun as I can.

Oh, by the way, that pipe on the floor is not venting a moonshine still in the basement. (No idea what it’s doing there!)


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Anthony Cody: What Do Prisons, Post Offices, and Schools Have in Common?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Anthony Cody explains
here the sustained assault on the commons
, the effort to
privatize institutions that were long considered public.

He considers what happens when prisons
are privatized, creating profits by reducing the quality of service
and care. He shows why the post office is being privatized and who stands to gain.

And he summarizes the ongoing effort to privatize public schools and turn them over to corporate control.

He writes:

“It has
been decided in the halls of power, governmental and corporate,
that the way to improve schools is to unleash the power of the
marketplace. We are undergoing a transformation of huge proportions
in order to allow this to occur. Through the Common Core State
(sic) Standards, we are creating a single national marketplace for
tests, technology and curriculum – all three of which are
increasingly intertwined and removed from the control of teachers
and local communities….

“Meanwhile, our leaders

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Statement on the President’s Proposal for Performance Based Funding, by Rudy Fichtenbaum, President of AAUP


In an attempt to rein in rising tuition and skyrocketing debt President Obama has announced a plan for performance based funding for higher education. Under his plan colleges would be rated on affordability, graduation rates and earnings of graduates. While we applaud the President for raising concerns over rising tuition and student debt, concerns that we share, we also believe that the President’s proposal will do little to solve the problem and will likely result in a decline in the quality of education offered to working class and middle class students, particularly students of color. Unfortunately, the President’s plan is little more than a version of the failed policy of “No Child Left Behind” brought to higher education.

In rolling out this plan the administration says they plan to consult with colleges and universities. The problem, however, is they mean they will consult with college and university Presidents and not…

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What awaits Americans in first Obamacare open enrollment? Higher deductibles, incentives for staying well, and premium hikes | MedCity News

Higher deductibles and copays — my favorite!  We just got hit with the bills for an ER visit, with ambulance included.  Total was almost $10 K!

What awaits Americans in first Obamacare open enrollment? Higher deductibles, incentives for staying well, and premium hikes | MedCity News.