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Happy Imbolc!

Punxatawney Phil predicts an early Spring. I’m chipping ice off my steps, but the steady drizzle that freezes on impact makes it an exercise in futility. Still, less futile than the stationary bike at the gym.

Hook that bike up to a generator and I’ll peddle faster. Ten hours of daylight, friends. Hang in there.

Live at the Liberty

Judy, concierge and cook extraordinaire, may be the star chef tomorrow. Today the word is that there is a run on chocolate chip muffins.

The inch of snow we were promised looks like about three and fluffy on the sidewalks, slushy on the roads. Coming north up Elmwood it looked like the Providence side had 2 lanes plowed vs 1 lane in Warwick, but it’s messy and slow all over.

Parking? Fuggedaboutit. I saw a man riding his bike in the unplowed lane. The sidewalks were buried a week ago. It would be nice to have a snow day once in a while, but too much of a good thing… Back to work, or no check.


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