Providence Journal: Analysis of a Hatchet Job on Me

Diane Ravitch talks back to the Projo. Unfortunately, we all know the Projo was done being reality-based about public education a while ago.

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The Providence Journal ran an article by journalist John Hill about my book and my appearance at the University of Rhode Island that was intended to discredit me. It declared that my arguments were “mostly false,” based on the writer’s skewed interpretation of the facts presented in my book,

Read it for yourself.

As best I can tell, the writer is defending No Child Left Behind, and was deeply affronted that I criticized NCLB. He doesn’t seem to know that NCLB has very few defenders.

Nonetheless, I am printing my response to the Providence Journal here because I don’t expect ProJo to print it; neither the editor nor the journalist has acknowledged receipt of my letter. So I post it here.

This was my letter to the Providence Journal:

To the Editor:
Providence Journal writer John Hill has contorted the facts about American education in his effort to discredit…

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Do people always create the same status hierarchies?

Interesting questions on the nature of status hierarchies…



It’s been a while since we talked about the inequality hypothesis on this blog. It’s also been a while since I’ve seen any coverage of it elsewhere. For certain politicians and commentators on the left it seems to have settled into the status of fact (“we know that inequality causes all sorts of social problems”), while everyone else seems to have just forgotten about it. The torrent of academic studies has also slowed to a trickle – like everyone’s got inequality fatigue.

The trouble is that there are still some really interesting questions that need answering. One of the most fundamental for me is whether more income inequality really translates directly into stronger differentiation of social status.

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Despite expanded coverage, hospitals may see more bad debt – Nashville Business Journal

I definitely don’t want to harsh on anyone’s mellow about Obamacare, but this is the part that worries me:  the bad debt that hospitals are going to take on.  This issue is going to have to be reconciled somehow.

Despite expanded coverage, hospitals may see more bad debt – Nashville Business Journal.