About Those Long Waiting Lists at Charter Schools

Not all charter schools are in high demand…

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A much ballyhooed California-based charter chain school called Citizens of the World opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in New York City despite community opposition. It hoped to attract white and middle-clsss families in the gentrified neighborhood.

It was supposed to open with 107 kindergarten and first grade students.

The Wall Street Journal reported that only 56 appeared.

The school may be closed due to low enrollment.

It probably didn’t spend enough to market its promise as a direct pipeline to college.

“The school’s experience demonstrates that charter schools, which often say parents need more choices, can be stung when parents’ decisions don’t fall their way. It also bolsters opponents who say that, despite claims of long wait lists and tales of parents craving alternatives, there isn’t as much demand for charter schools as supporters say.

“The school was put on probation because of low enrollment in October by State University of…

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Schizophrenia about High Deductibles

Money shot quote from a compelling article by Greg Scandlen about the schizophrenic effects of High Deductible Health Plans:

I don’t expect physicians to double as financial advisers, but I agree that they should be more aware of the costs of the treatments they prescribe. In my own case, my doctor prescribed a blood pressure medication. When I went to fill the prescription I discovered it was enormously expensive. I went back to my Doc to see if there was something more affordable available. No one had ever asked him about that, but when he looked into it, by golly there was a list of 25 different meds with prices ranging 1,000 percent, all equally effective.

That is the effect of an empowered consumer. Ultimately physicians will respond to the demands of their patients and as more of us are paying cash for services, we will insist on cost considerations far beyond what any third party payer could do. Unfortunately, the ObamaCare approach is far too clumsy to be effective in empowering consumers. The great advantage of funded HSAs is they give patients the means to pay the bill, but also get them to think twice about the costs. It is a carefully balanced approach to growing educated patients. ObamaCare just throws people in the deep end of the pool without any support. It is cruel and mean spirited — just what you might expect from the government.

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Bad News from Me

Thoughts and well wishes go out to Diane Ravitch as she takes care of some health issues.

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Dear Friends,

I wanted to share some not very good news about my health.

This week, my hyperactivity and age caught up with me. It turns out I am not Wonder Woman but mortal me.

I have been in a hospital for two days in Brooklyn, where they determined I have blood clots in one leg and walking pneumonia. Doctors’ orders: rest.

That means I cannot fly to Chicago or Madison this week. I will resume my schedule afterwards but try to pace myself. I will Skype when I can.

Lately, I have been worrying about who will carry the fight when I no longer can do it. It was as though I had a premonition of my health issues.

I suddenly realized that you will do it. You–teachers, principals, parents, concerned citizens, students, administrators–will carry forward the struggle to gain respect, autonomy, and public confidence in our schools. You…

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