Don’t Go Back — Protect Healthcare Reform | Democracy For America

But it’s worth noting — whatever the faults of Obamacare, we do not want to go back to the system as it was before.  We just need to get Obamacare to work for the middle class and vulnerable populations.

Don’t Go Back — Protect Healthcare Reform | Democracy For America.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Go Back — Protect Healthcare Reform | Democracy For America

  1. You still really believe this is workable?It’s not just the website issue,as bad as that is-it’s the wholesale loss of coverage and the rising of rates.Young people will not be signing up for this and probably just pay the tax.A Democratic Rep from Colorado let it out that illegal alien amnesty is necessary for this to work.I think it was always a two part program on Obama’s part and he’s been lying in our faces for 5 years now.That may not be a “high crime and misdemeanor”but it just stinks.

  2. Rhode Island is one of the best health care exchanges. We’re off to a good start on insuring everyone in the state. The parents who were taken off RiteCare should be able to be insured under other programs. People who are unhappy with the present situation should ask themselves where we would be without Medicaid and Medicare and VA.

  3. I know you are a true believer in Obama so I won’t try to change your mind.We’ll see how this all works out in the end.Medicare,Medicaid,and VA healthcare aren’t the issue.Apparently you could care less about people who won’t qualify for subsidies and yet will be priced out of the health care market.Your concerns about Rite Care recipients ignores many others who will be left without an insurance plan.The “rollout”disaster is also going to cause a large number of people to lose the ability to continue treatment for cancer and other chronic illnesses with their same providers-this has just happened to my sister in laws’ husband who has prostate cancer-he lost his doctor and the cancer treatment center he was going to when his Part B carrier dropped them.Can you make an excuse for how dreadfully unprepared the Obama administration was for this launch of the ACA?There aren’t any-not when they had all that lead time.CGI dropped the ball big time-and it’s run by Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate-how nice that is.This can’t be blamed on republicans because they never were able to defund or delay Obamacare.The public has a very low opinion of this program.Obama now appears to have also lied repeatdly about pulling troops out of Afghanistan by 2014-and I saw this on MSNBC!Chuck Todd isn’t exactly a conservative and he was really hammering the administration on this.

  4. Joe, while you have some legit concerns, the rise in health care costs has actually slowed. And the GOP has tried to undermine the ACA in that most states they control refused to set up exchanges as RI did.
    Clearly there are flaws in the ACA, but there were flaws in the old system. My mother for example was dropped a few months after enrolling in a plan when she was diagnosed with cancer, which the insurer said had to be a pre-existing condition. Also millions without insurance go without preventative care, and even those with insurance can quickly go bankrupt if they get sick and lose their job and insurance.
    The GOP seems content to let people without the means to pay or insurance suffer.
    I’m on medicare which with supplemental private insurance works pretty well with relatively low overhead. I thought it would have been better to just phase in medicare for all, which is pretty much what the rest of the world does to insure everyone at lower cost and with better results.

  5. Wow-you just said what I’ve thought was the planned endgame of the ACA-national single payer.If the problems with the website were intentional to force such an eventuality it would constitute a serious crime.It’s hard to believe they couldn’t foresee what was going to happen-the site isn’t even finished as it turns out.Single payer on a national level won’t be accepted by the American people.Obama needs “immigration reform”to enroll enough younger and presumably healthier people for this ACA to work.This is not some idea I got from a “right wing”source-actually it was voiced by a Democrat Congressman from Colorado.I was amazed at how forthright he was about it.the legislator’s name is Jared Polis-I had never heard of him before.The old system was certainly plagued with problems caused by insurers and some aspects of the ACA were very good-but the law itself tried to do too much and it seems to have been poorly understood by the people who voted for it.It now turns out that Rahm Emanuel’s brother,Zeke Emanuel is one of the architects behind the law.He acts and sounds like Rahm Emanuel,who in my opinion is one of the most evil people in this country.Aside from an arrogant smugness the Emanuels seem to look at people as so many unimportant ciphers who can be ground up to achieve whatever master plan they have devised.Reminiscent of every communist dictatorship in history.

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