Voluntary Pilot School Choice in Cranston/Providence

I just checked in at the conservative blog, Anchorrising.com, and learned that Mayor Laffey has proposed a voluntary pilot school choice program between Cranston and Providence.

Wasn’t I just saying something about this being a better way to address the problem than arresting impoverished and desperate parents? Now the Mayor is introducing such plan. Hmmm, I wonder how that happened.

Of course, as Indira Gandhi said, “There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.”

Anchorrising.com has the details from the press conference on the proposal. It’s a bold new plan. Let’s hope it does some good.


9 thoughts on “Voluntary Pilot School Choice in Cranston/Providence

  1. Is it possible? The idea shows up here, and then the mayor comes up with the idea on his own? Or was one of the mayor’s minions “trolling” about for ideas?

    Yes, yes, I freely admit that there may have been a discussion about this at anchorrising prior to this. But, if so, then why didn’t the mayor suggest this idea instead of arresting people?

    Just asking.

  2. If members of the Cranston School Committee cared more about educating our youngest children instead of a sweet-heart insiders’ deal with the Labor’s Union for the new Trade School we would be getting places.

    Take a stroll over to http://savehorton.blogspot.com and read the comments about why the school is really closing…

  3. Andre, I’m pretty sick about this whole thing with the school committee. I do think there is a conflict of interest issue. If the Construction Career Academy is a “separate, independent school,” then two of the school committee members should not be sitting on its board.

    Bottom line: we need to elect a more independent-minded, parent-friendly, young-child-focused school committee in Cranston.

  4. This whole idea is just a bunch of talk being put out for publicity. If the mayor cared he would do something real instead of just making up an idea and sending out press releases. Chafee gave a good response that sums up my feelings pretty good:

    “The Chafee Campaign today called on Mayor Laffey to stop making unnecessary threats to bring criminal charges against parents in neighboring communities who send their children to Cranston schools. At a press conference today, Mayor Laffey once again demonstrated a disregard for state statutes that clearly outline the proper procedure for dealing with non-resident students.

    There is a set process in place to deal with the issues of disenrollment that the Mayor has chosen to ignore. Expedited hearings are available at the State Department of Education, which are routinely used by communities to remedy such matters. It is actually illegal for a school district to disenroll a student without first going through proper channels.

    “This behavior is vintage Steve Laffey – shoot first, ask questions later,” commented Chafee Campaign Manager Ian Lang. “There are appropriate procedures in place for dealing with these situations, but Mayor Laffey is either ignorant of them or simply doesn’t care. Steve Laffey is wasting time and limited resources. He’s not a problem solver, he’s just a headline grabber.”

  5. Andre, Having a new baby and a new job working 2nd shift 3 days a week, I don’t think I would be able to do it. Maybe about five years from now when my little one is bigger. What about you? You definitely have the passion and the voice to do it.

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