3 Years in Iraq: Honoring Those Who Serve and Die

This post is meant to honor those who have served and lost their lives most recently in the war in Iraq. Since March 1, 2006, these casualties have been listed.

Our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the fallen.

Joshua Yeoman, age 26, from Flushing, Michigan
Matthew A. Snyder, age 20, from Finksburg, Maryland
Kevin Jessen, age 28, from Paragould, Arkansas
Adam O. Zanutto, age 26, from Caliente, California
Ricky Salas, Jr., age 22, from Roswell, New Mexico
John D. Fry, age 28, from Lorena, Texas
Bunny Long, age 22, from Modesto, California
Amy Duerksen, age 19, from Temple, Texas
Kristen K. Marino (Figueroa), age 20, from Honolulu, Hawaii
Bryan A. Lewis, age 32, from Bunkie, Louisiana
Corey A. Dan, age 22, from Norway, Maine
Marco A. Silva, age 27, from Alva, Florida
Angelo A. Zawaydeh, age 29, from San Bruno, California
Carlos Gonzalez, Jr, age 22, from Mount Hope, New York


2 thoughts on “3 Years in Iraq: Honoring Those Who Serve and Die

  1. OK, I’m drifting into conspiracy theory land. When I see who’s benefiting from our presence in Iraq, one possibility really jumps out.

    Many people have said that this is about oil, and I believe that. However, it almost seems like the idea was to take Iraqi oil OFF the market, rather than to increase supply. Who has benefited? Oil companies. What industry did the prez & vice-prez work in? Oil. Coincidence? Maybe.

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