Hippie Liberal Moonbat on Stephen Colbert

A funny parody, for those not overly-sensitive to poking fun at libs: Stephen Colbert interviews ultra-liberal “Russ Lieber” on the topic of school vouchers.

Hopefully this election year there will be a few more liberals out there who can play the conservative talk show game better than Russ Lieber. Although maybe a better tactic would be to just avoid shows like “The O’Reilly Factor.” In fact, in a recent New Yorker article on Bill O’Reilly, Nicholas Lemann suggests that O’Reilly may be having a harder time getting big-name liberal guests to appear on his show. From the article:

No television host’s career lasts forever, and it may be that O’Reilly is too hot, too close to entertainment, to maintain his position as long as a network anchorman might. O’Reilly has been able to reach the top of the cable-news ratings and stay there—and to turn the deep and determined enmity of the left to his advantage—by relentlessly reminding his audience of how much the left hates him. This baroque period of O’Reilly’s is partly circumstantial: it’s hard to be straight-ahead if you’re essentially oppositional and the people you like are in power, if the guests you most want will not appear on your show, and if it’s nearly impossible to demonstrate the existence of the trends you have made it your mission to oppose.

Thanks to Oliver Willis and Shant Mesrobian for the Stephen Colbert link. They’ve started a new radio blog site, by the way, called Left in the Beltway. Looks like a good place to add to the Worthy Blogs page.