RIFuture Democratic Senate Candidate Survey

RI Future has done a bang-up job of putting together a 25 question survey of the three Democratic candidates for US Senate in Rhode Island. You can view a .pdf file of the survey here. Two highlights:

Question: With the understanding that Rhode Island has the highest disapproval ratings of any state in the nation, as a Senator would you support Rep. John Conyers’ efforts to impeach President Bush and/or Sen. Russell Feingold’s efforts to censure President Bush?

Answer from Brown: Based on well-documented evidence, there is no doubt in my mind that President George W. Bush has illegally wiretapped Americans. I agree with Sen. Feingold that he should be censured for these illegal acts.

Answer from Sheeler: [Does] our campaign’s Billboard with our Constitution in the background and “Be Patriotic Impeach Bush” mean anything? We have actively sought Congressmen Langevin & Kennedy’s support. We provided the RI General Assembly a draft resolution to pursue HR635 and send to the U.S. House floor, which requires it to be heard.

Answer from Whitehouse: As someone who has handled the weighty responsibility of leading investigations with the requirements of the Warrants Clause, I believe President Bush’s warrantless wiretaps were unnecessary and illegal, and merit censure.

Question: If we were to look in your CD player right now, what 5 CDs would we find and why?

Answer from Brown: Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire, Bruce Springsteen – Darkness on the Edge of Town, Harry Belafonte – Pure Gold, Patsy Cline – The Patsy Cline Story, Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey. These are all great artists.

Answer from Sheeler: DePeche Mode, Dave Matthews, Enya, Sting and Moby. I like eclectic music with instrumental sounds. Most are ageless and unique. I like that.

Answer from Whitehouse: Most of the CDs you’d find are mixes by my son Alexander – Black Eyed Peas, Fall Out Boy, the Gorillaz, American Hifi… These days I’m also listening to Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson’s Stardust, the Traveling Wilburys, and Paul Simon’s Graceland.

From this survey I also learned that Whitehouse opposes school vouchers ( “I believe that vouchers are a poor use of scarce federal dollars”), supports gay marriage, and would have called for a filibuster of Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito. Questions also covered include campaign finance reform, immigration, and health care reform.

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