Whitehouse on Gay Rights/ Warwick Community Dinner

Edge has an interview/profile of Whitehouse. In it, he talks about The Knights of Columbus refusing to rent him a hall because of his positions on gay rights and abortion:

He said he was “bemused” by the flap. “I’m not aware of other instances in which the Knights of Columbus has looked at the views of a political candidate and used them as a litmus test for whether or not they let the candidate use the space. I suspect as candidates around the state begin to use [K of C] halls for political events you’ll find that a bunch of other situations will also emerge in which [they are] in effect being forced to take positions on certain issues. …You’ll see candidates–even those who have used the facilities in the past–less willing to do so. So it could become kind of an early barometer of where candidates stand on positions where they have been very vague.”

Whitehouse added that he cannot recall ever before during three statewide campaigns for public office being denied use of a location for an event or appearance because of his views.

Also regarding the Whitehouse campaign, a free community dinner for Warwick is scheduled for this Wednesday evening. Here are the details:

U.S. Senate Candidate Sheldon Whitehouse Hosts Community Dinner for Residents of West Warwick, Coventry, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, and surrounding areas

WHEN: Wednesday, April 26, 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Portuguese Society Hall, 11 Ventura Street, West Warwick


3 thoughts on “Whitehouse on Gay Rights/ Warwick Community Dinner

  1. See today’s Projo on “High Ranking Cath. leaders push ban on same-sex marriage.” Religious leaders (inc. Boston’s Cardinal O’Malley)want a Constitutional same-sex marriage ban & they’re giving out postcards for parishoners to send to their Senators.

    Funny, religious leaders have been deafeningly quiet on SOCIAL & ECONOMIC concerns for a LONG time.

    I would imagine that they’ll be more than a few questions asked if you want to use the K of C halls.

  2. Eileen, thanks for informing me of what Bishop O’Malley is doing. I hadn’t heard that.

    Not only the Catholics, but pretty much all of the other mainline denominations catch the one or two references about gays, but miss the hundreds of time Jesus talks about social justice. In fact, does Jesus actually ever condemn homosexuality? I believe there might be one instance. I know St Paul is all over it, but are we Christians, or Paulicans? And I know it’s condemned a couple of times in what Christians call the Old Testament, but, even there, the message of social justice is mentioned much, much more often.

    Selective perception is a wonderful thing.

  3. Klaus,
    I agree. But religion & politics is all mixed up nowadays. Separation of church & state seems applicable only if BOTH can be controlled by the alliance of political, religious, & economic groups.

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