Tell the Sierra Club: Stop Endorsing Chafee

It’s another case of a great progressive organization (see previous post on NARAL’s continued endorsement of Chafee) refusing to consider changing their Senate candidate endorsement. The Sierra Club is continuing to endorse Lincoln Chafee after he has sided with the Bush administration in appointing William L. Wehrum as assistant EPA administrator for air and radiation.

Endorsements like The Sierra Club’s are largely based on voting records. This makes for a built-in function of protecting incumbents.

If you care about air quality or any of the other major environmental issues, I hope you will join me in either calling or emailing The Sierra Club. Here is a copy of my email:

Dear Sierra Club Legislative Team,

I am writing to ask you to withdraw your endorsement of Lincoln Chafee as a U.S. Senator, based on his vote to nominate William S. Wehrun as assistant EPA administrator for air and radiation. As you well know, since you opposed Wehrun’s nomination, this change will continue the Bush administration’s erosion of environmental protections and will further jeopardize the health and safety of our country.

It’s time for The Sierra Club to take a long look at the environmental record of Sheldon Whitehouse and consider whether he could do a better job than Lincoln Chafee. Having been US Attorney General for Rhode Island, Whitehouse has experience with addressing major environmental concerns for the public good. He received Save the Bay’s 2003 Environmental advocacy award, he began the litigation to prosecute lead paint makers and hold them accountable for this environmental hazard, and he led the investigation of the North Cape oil spill. In 2003, Whitehouse also joined Attorney Generals in the Northeast in filing suit to block Bush administration regulation changes that would have rolled back the new more environmentally-friendly provisions established for power plants.

Thank you for your consideration and your work to protect the environment.


You can email the Sierra Club at or call their legislative office at 202-547-1141.