Breaking News: Kmareka Rocks

We began Kmareka over four years ago as a quarterly, publishing articles, fiction, and interviews. Since changing to the blog format for our front page in January of this year, we have more than quadrupled our daily visitors, going from about 100 daily visitors to an average close to 500 for March. We have been noticed by PBS’s blog Mediashift, and at a recent event, had the pleasure of introducing Sheldon Whitehouse, our leading Democratic candidate for US Senate in Rhode Island, whose successful candidacy could help return the Democrats to a majority in the US Senate.

About two weeks ago I was contacted by with a query about whether we would be interested in joining their network, allowing them to license and redistribute our content. We have decided to sign an agreement with Newstex. This will likely help increase our visibility online, and bring in some revenue.

In other news, we were recently interviewed by Brown Daily Herald reporter Ben Leubsdorf for a feature on blogs in Rhode Island. It’s often enlightening to see how others perceive and represent you in the interview process. This interview has helped me rediscover my core mission in creating and maintaining Kmareka:

“I guess for me it’s very important to balance the micro level of doing social work with a more macro level endeavor that raises consciousness and helps people think about things from a different perspective,” she said. “It’s a citizen journalism thing. I try to be a government watchdog and certainly do so locally.”


I … find that when I go to the ProJo every day, I miss a tremendous amount of what’s going on in the world,” Marek said. “I can cull information and offer it to, obviously, a small readership, but people can find out about things (on my blog) that they won’t if they just read the ProJo.”


Though she is a Democrat, Marek said she believes in the “competitiveness of ideas” and is “very open to the idea that Democrats can suffer from corruption, from nearsightedness and blind spots.”


Marek is different from most of her fellow bloggers in one important way – she is a woman, while she estimated that 90 percent of her comments come from men.

“I think as more women do this, we could have a better participatory, civic environment,” she said.

So there it is, in a nutshell. Kmareka is about providing information from a social work perspective. It’s about culling news that affects us locally, nationally and globally, news that is not readily available from mainstream media outlets, and providing a place for people to speak out and discuss this news. It’s about being a Democrat but also being open to ideas from other ideological perspectives. It’s about helping to reinvent the Democratic party so that it improves its ability to serve the common good. It’s about bringing more women online, increasing civic participation in this realm and hopefully creating a better overall civic environment in the process.

Thanks so much to David Jaffe for contributing his incredible talent to this endeavor. Thanks as well to our many commenters who have added valuable ideas and insights to our discussions. Thanks to our readers and to those who have offered supportive advice and constructive criticism.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Kmareka Rocks

  1. Carl,

    I’m speaking for myself here. I’ve got to say that your comments on this blog have really made me stop and seriously consider voting for you in the primary. You show insight and perception and moral courage, and those are qualities sorely lacking in the Dem Party, especially in Washington. I’ve also heard Sheldon Whitehouse on more than one occasion. As far as positions and views, I could be happy with either of you representing me.

    Now for the ‘but.’ I hate to say this, but the deciding thing for me is experience. Yes, I know Sheldon is a “politician.” But I also believe that US Senator is not an entry-level position (although it almost was for Lincoln Chaffee). It just comes down to experience. Sheldon has more, and he has more name recognition, and I believe that those two things will be necessary to beat Chaffee in November. That’s pretty much the “electablity” issue, which worked so well for the Dems in the ’04 presidential race, but that’s how I call it.

    Now, having said that, I would support you as a candidate for pretty much any office you chose to run for. And I sincerely hope that you do choose to run for another office because I believe you would be a great asset to the state as well as the Dem Party.

    It really pains me to see two worthy candidates face off in a primary. So, please don’t take this as a slight on you at all. I truly do respect your opinions and your insights.

    Again, this is my opinion. I may speak for others, but, then again, I may not. Don’t like to presume.

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