2,400 Dead! How Many More?

The total number of U.S. soldiers to perish in the Iraq War has reached 2,400. To put that number in perspective, consider that it is roughly equivalent to the total number of students enrolled at Bennington College (VT), Juillard School (NY), and Bay State College (MA) combined! Imagine the senseless deaths of all these young men and women and you have some idea of the consequences of the Bush administration’s failed foreign policy. The image below contains 2,400 crosses to represent each of the fallen in Iraq. May we honor their sacrifice by attaining a quick and lasting peace…

2,400 Dead!  How many more?

2 thoughts on “2,400 Dead! How Many More?

  1. Let’s make another comparison. 2400 is about as much as we lost in a month in Viet Nam or less than a day during the invasion for WWII. Freedom is not free.

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