Shere Hite on Stephen Colbert

This takes me back — Shere Hite is interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Shere Hite still looks great as she suavely works with Colbert’s playful jabs and gets right to the issue of women’s sexuality and how it plays into the larger picture of women’s rights. Colbert handles it all with silly aplomb.

2 thoughts on “Shere Hite on Stephen Colbert

  1. There is something I would like to see discussed is the fear younger women have of calling or being associated with the word feminist even liberal young women who should know better. I find it discouraging The fear of being tainted association of feminism.

  2. Much agreed, Sopka. One look at the lineup of politicians in my state and I feel like the word feminism needs to be put back into common usage. We are still way too male-centric in terms of power and politics.

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