More Carrots, Less Sticks to Deter Nuclear Iran

This metaphor is getting a little played, but the message of Elbaradei has a freshly hopeful tone:

ElBaradei urges compromise over Iran atomic row

By Emma Thomasson

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog welcomed on Thursday moves to avert possible U.N. sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear programme and appealed for compromise as Iran’s president said he was ready to talk.

Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said he was pleased the U.N. Security Council was holding off from sanctions against Iran as Europeans work on a package of benefits to induce Tehran to cooperate.

“I’m very optimistic. I hope both sides will move away from the war of words, I hope the pitch will go down, I hope people will adopt a cool-headed approach,” he told a news conference at Amsterdam airport. “We need compromises from both sides.”

“I hope that at this stage we will use more carrots before we think of using sticks,” he said. “It is a very good idea that the Security Council is holding its horses.” — more

One thought on “More Carrots, Less Sticks to Deter Nuclear Iran

  1. This is the position of Wes Clark and I. One has to truly understand the implications of military force to understand it is a choice of last resort. Go to Sheldon’s interview with Boston Globe last week and see if you get that sense concerning Iran.

    Sounding tough on defense putting our young at risk is not leadership or wisdom…. it’s…. well…. sounding like Bush! Most military veterans understand this….

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