Animals Rights in Disaster Evacuation Plans

Hey, it wouldn’t be a blog without at least one picture of a cute kitten. This is Cassie, the newest addition to our household. She comes to us from New Orleans. A colleague of my husband’s has been active in finding new homes for stray dogs and cats, travelling to New Orleans to rescue animals who need to be adopted.

It is estimated that 600,000 animals died or were left without shelter due to Hurricane Katrina and the lack of preparation for animal evacuation. For this reason, the House passed new legislation on Monday that would require disaster preparedness for pets.


3 thoughts on “Animals Rights in Disaster Evacuation Plans

  1. omg its adorable and I love animals so much but think what if you had to go through that look I am omly 16 and look at this cat its only akitten they need help!!!!!!
    thank you so much for helping the pets in need

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