The Rules are the Rules — Unless You’re Judge Napolitano

One of our Democratic candidates for Mayor in Cranston is showing his true colors, it seems:

The rules are the rules. They are supposed apply to everyone. But one Cranston man is arguing: It depends who you are.

NBC 10’s Margie O’Brien reported that David Mignacca has a huge gripe with a candidate for mayor.

“I’m not going to vote for the guy who made my kids cry,” Mignacca said.

Mike Napolitano was part of a group that forced the Mignaccas to remove Sonny, their son’s pet horse, from their property five years ago.

The group said the miniature horse violated rule No. 8 in the Ridgewood Homeowners Association rulebook.

“If he felt as though it was so important to be part of this group that enforced this chapter on no animals, then why does he not feel it to be equally important from him to abide by the chapter previous to it — seven — that says, ‘Signs. No signs of any kind shall be displayed?'” Mignacca said.

Rule No. 7 on the deed clearly says no signs except for temporary “for sale” signs.

But right on the front lawn of Napolitano’s house is a political sign.

“I’m following the rules as far as the interpretation goes,” Napolitano said.

But the language of the homeowners’ agreement is clear, O’Brien reported. The state Supreme Court used the same language to rule that Sonny had to go.

Napolitano is counting on the founding fathers to justify his argument for why the sign should stay.

“There’s a First Amendment constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression to put up signs,” Napolitano said.

“What’s good for the geese is good for the gander,” Mignacca said.

So, while Sonny is living down the street on a farm, the sign remains.

“I will keep my signs up,” Napolitano said.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to Mr. Napolitano, including Cindy Fogarty and Allan Fung, both of whom have served diligently on the Cranston City Council for 4 years and have a wealth of knowledge of what is going on in city, what solutions have worked, and where the sticking points are.

Regards to Cranston2 whose post alerted me to this.

UPDATE: According to Channel 10, Napolitano has now taken the signs down.


3 thoughts on “The Rules are the Rules — Unless You’re Judge Napolitano

  1. So the preferred candidate is ABN: Anyone But Napolitano. We’ve had enough of this kind of attitude over the last four years.

    Here’s to a general election between Alan Fung and Cindy Fogerty; that will give us a dligent (good word, Kiersten) mayor who will actually put make the city his or her top priority. And a refreshing change it will be….

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