A Parable For These Imperialistic Times

The Fox And The Bees

A fox, having fattened himself on poultry at the farmer’s expense, found that he was not satisfied and wanted more. “My belly is large,� he thought, “but it could be larger.�

So the fox journeyed many miles until he reached a woodland abundant with game. “There is much to eat here,� he observed. “My belly will soon double in size.�

Marching eagerly into the unfamiliar woods, the fox was greeted by a great buzzing, which he took as a sign of welcome. “The creatures here are pleased to see me,� he thought. “They admire my shiny coat, powerful jaws, and large belly.�

Just then, a lone bee sent from a nearby hive landed on the snout of the fox. “What is your business in this woodland, Reynard?� asked the bee. “You are far from home and do not belong here.�

The fox was not accustomed to being challenged so, particularly by a lowly insect. With a sneer that exposed his sharp teeth, he replied: “My business is my own, little bee. It does not concern you. Go back to your hive.�

But the bee was steadfast and said again: “You do not belong here, Reynard. You are not welcome. Please go back to your own home.�

With that, the fox gave a quick shake of his head, dislodging the bee, whom he then crushed with his forepaw. “I shall come and go as I please,� he muttered, puffing out his chest. “Woe to any who dare challenge me.�

Woe to the fox, whose ears suddenly twitched at a fearful sound. The buzzing of before had grown into a roar, and the sky soon darkened with bees, called to arms when the fox had crushed their mate. They darted with menace around the hapless beast, whose flailing only increased their numbers and outrage. Before long, the fox retreated hastily from the woodland.

But the fox was not so easily defeated. “I am too clever and strong ,� he declared, as he licked his wounds. So he quietly enlisted the bears who lived already in the woodland and coveted the honey of the bees. “They shall dispatch my enemies,� the fox predicted, “and then all will be mine.�

The bears were no more successful, though. Some were overwhelmed like the fox. Some were bought off with honey. And some were simply conning the fox, who was perhaps not so clever after all.

In time, the fox proclaimed, though none took much heed: “This woodland does not suit me. I have better places to go.�

And so the fox strutted away, his belly no larger, the drone of the bees fading like memory.

What is the U.S. currently doing in (and to) Somalia? It’s not so foxy:

* Mistaken Entry Into Clan Dispute Led to U.S. Black Eye in Somalia

* U.S. Secretly Backing Warlords in Somalia

* Failed Somalia policy comes back to haunt the U.S.

* Somalia: A Case Study in Interventionism

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