Ava Lowery Produces Ad for Carl Sheeler

Carl Sheeler for US Senate has a new ad out, produced by Ava Lowery, the 15-year-old who produced a video of injured and killed Iraq children set to the voice of a young person singing “Jesus loves me, this I know.� You can see a preview of the ad here:

Ava Lowery Ad for Carl Sheeler

I’d be interested in people’s responses to the ad.


8 thoughts on “Ava Lowery Produces Ad for Carl Sheeler

  1. Kiersten,

    First, the fact that she’s just 15 years old blows me away. Her ability to express so many themes and tie them together in a convincing fashion, while tugging at my heart and evoking a positive reaction is terrific. This is a powerful piece.

    Second, I’m sure Carl must be proud to have someone with that depth and so much talent producing this kind of material on his behalf. I think this ad puts him in a good light and serves him well.

  2. Geoff, thank you. I’m extraordinarily proud of and for her. I have five kids who bracket her age and their view of our world has a clarity that can’t be confused by political bias.

    It’s one of the primary reasons I’m running and possibly why Ava and I connected.

    Look her up on the net. She’s an icon even in mainstream media. It’s frightening to think she’s received death threats because she favors withdrawal from Iraq.

    Now that’s patriotism and wisdom. We know it when we see it.

  3. Mr. Sheeler, I watched most of the ad…it gets hung up during the last several seconds so I can’t see the end. I agree it’s impressive for someone of such a young age. It does, however, lack any real substance and serves more as a positive image piece. This is not uncommon during any campaign, so why these campaigns pay huge salaries/stipends to the so-called professionals is beyond me. I appreciate that you are practicing your own type of “campaign finance reform”, actually getting the most on a limited budget, rather than simply abusing the legal loopholes so many others on both sides do.

    I would, however, respectfully disagree with you when you say the Ava is not influenced by political bias. A view of the website, from the link you provided, shows a heavy influence, not unlike any other left wing blog. Ads lambasting Sen. Santorum and Sen. Lieberman, for example, and links to such sites as Democratic Underground, Code Pink, and the Center for American Progress suggest she is knee deep in the progressive left. Don’t get me wrong, I find her activism impressive, particularly for such a young age. But clearly her views are not developed independently of any outside influences.

    Will you be able to get your ad on television? If not, do you think a local station might be interested in doing a piece on the creation of the ad? Certainly the other candidates aren’t using teenagers to develop their campaign ads. Regardless, with all the disgraceful mud slinging on the GOP side, and Whitehouse still scraping the dirt off his pantlegs from his short Brown battle, I think some might give you a look because of the positive message.

  4. “…and Whitehouse still scraping the dirt off his pantlegs from his short Brown battle…”

    I seem to have missed this. Do tell.

  5. Matt Brown got tough on Whitehouse towards the end, as his campaign reached desperation mode. He questioned Whitehouse’s fundraising. And throughout the campaign he suggested the former AG didn’t have a position on the war in Iraq, and criticized him for refusing to accept a debate invitation. The campaign didn’t have time to get really negative, and Whitehouse did well in staying above the fray, but no doubt there are Brown supporters still unhappy about how things played out. Clearly, I’m sure we would both agree, that the GOP primary has been far, far worse in its negativism. Mr. Whitehouse must be enjoying his position right now, although Mr. Sheeler must be frustrated by it.

  6. I had interpreted your comment entirely in another context, imagining that there was some incident where Brown college students got tough on Whitehouse in some kind of a public forum. Funny how my imagination works.

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