Help Chafee Take a Position on Net Neutrality

The issue of net neutrality has been an issue that Lincoln Chafee, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Steve Laffey have all avoided taking a position on. The House of Representatives has already voted to give more power to corporations on the issue of internet communication. Now there is an effort from corporate lobbyists to force a vote on this issue in the Senate. Senators like Lincoln Chafee need to know that this is not a small, insignificant issue. Further, if Chafee takes a position on this issue, it may help encourage the other candidates to research this issue thoroughly and let the public know where they stand. From

Can you help deliver the petitions next Wednesday—asking Senator Chafee to protect Net Neutrality? Please RSVP below.

What: Internet freedom petition delivery to the senator’s office
Where: Senator Chafee’s Providence Office, 170 Westminster Street, Providence, RI
When: Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006, 12:00 PM

Link to RSVP

Sign the petition here

For more on net neutrality, visit Save The Internet.

One thought on “Help Chafee Take a Position on Net Neutrality

  1. I agree that it’s important for our politicians to understand the issues at hand and to take a position on them. Certainly, it would be nice if the likes of Senator Stevens had a better grasp on the way the internet works.

    Unfortunately, most politicians simply have no clue (as Senator Stevens so effectively demonstrated in a speech that I’m sure you’ve seen by now–if not, its on YouTube), and it really concerns my coalition that politicians such as Senator Stevens may be given the power to enact legislation that will forever change the landscape and face of the internet. Are these really the people we want deciding for us how the internet works?

    Take a look at my coalition’s website for another perspective on the issues at hand.

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